Panel discussion held on International Women’s Day

On 8 March 2019, the Study Hall Educational Foundation organized a panel discussion on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The topic of this discussion was ‘Why the status of women in India is not a major election agenda’. This was held as part of annual India’s Daughters’ Campaign that Study Hall Educational Foundation conducts.
On this occasion, the guest Juhi Singh, spokesperson, Samajwadi Party, Rakesh Tripathi, spokesperson, Bhartiya Janta Party, Sadaf Jafar, spokesperson and Farah, member of Sheroes Hangout cafe were present and they discussed the topic.

The program started with the introduction of our esteemed guests. The discussion started with a very strong question asked by a Prerna Girls School student, Sapna Bharti. She asked, “I am a first-time voter. I want to ask why should I vote for a political party which does not have gender equality as a major issue on their manifesto?” The students continued to ask questions and our guests answered them.

In this discussion, Sadaf Jafar, spokesperson, Congress, said, “We must rise beyond political differences and collectively fight against structural violence that women face.” She also advised students, to read the manifesto of the party before voting and give the vote to a party which they think will help to build a better nation.

Juhi Singh, spokesperson, Samajwadi Party said, “We make event-based political agenda and we accept that. We will try and work on it. I see confident young women here who are capable of becoming strong political leaders in the future and I hope we will have more participation of women in politics in the future”.

Rakesh Tripathi, spokesperson, Bhartiya Janta Party, said, “women should stop believing they are weak and raise voice against the small issues they face, then only we can change the society”.

On this occasion, the parents of Prerna Girls School were also invited. For the last six years, the Aarohini Initiative organizes yearly India’s Daughters’ campaign that focuses on gender empowerment issues with the goal of raising awareness in the community about gender discrimination.

The program was concluded with the felicitation of the mothers of Prerna Girls School students and vote of thanks.


DOSTI in Athlete leadership Training

Athlete leadership Training, Frank Anthony Public School, New Delhi

21st – 24th February 2019

In the opening, session classes were held to improve public speaking skills and to like understand the Special Olympics’ mission, athlete leaders learn how to create their 3 minutes speech, and good presentation behaviour.

After this governance, training was given in which students learned to interact with media, to express their opinion and to work with groups solve problems. In the end, ZUMBA session was organized which pumped up the energy and enthusiasm. 

Next day health care sessions were held, where Health Messenger was introduced, a doctor explained about fit 5 which was another level of secrets to staying fit and healthy.

In the end, athletes received sports training by their coaches.

Craft Mela organized by Study Hall Junior School

There was a riot of colours on the grounds of Study Hall on 20th February, 2019 as the Junior School organized the Craft Mela.

It was indeed delightful to see the children’s enthusiasm as they sat together in groups to churn out the most vibrant craft items with their nimble fingers.

Keeping in mind the three R’s (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) the young ones made all possible efforts to bring out the ‘ best from the waste’.

It was an exhibition with a difference.  The visitors were greatly impressed to watch the children in the process of making the craft items instead of merely displaying the finished products.  Very confidently, the children also explained the entire process to the parents, leaving them awe-struck.

Dosti too was a part of the Craft Mela where they displayed the craft items prepared by them. These were highly appreciated by the parents.

We are proud to mention that many parents donated generously and the proceeds from the Mela will now be handed over to GyanSetu. This move has also helped to build empathy in our children. The spirit of teamwork was clearly evident as the children happily engaged in creative pursuits.

Prerna girls rocked in the Taekwondo championship

Excellia school organized two days inter school Taekwondo championship on 9th and 10th February 2019 for junior and cadet divisions. In this event, 18 schools participated and  Prerna Girls school (Study hall educational foundation) grabbed the third position overall. 13 girls from Prerna participated and won Silver Gold and Bronze medals Individually. Namrata won gold, Aditi Shukla, Purva Shukla, Anchal Kannaujia, Seema Sharma, Preeti Gautam, and Radha Rawat won Silver. Khushboo Sahu, Aishwarya, Anshu Kannaujia, Manisha Sharma, Vaishnavi Sharma won bronze in the competition.

 The girls were happy and excited after winning the prizes and shared their experience. Namrata ( gold medalist ) said, it was fun and a lot of learning from other participants, she added everyone supported her, her coach taught her the techniques and they practiced a lot, and they won.
Aditi Shukla said, “ I am grateful to the coaches and to the school for giving us this opportunity. I feel so happy and now I am looking forward to do more in Taekwondo”

Vidyasthali Kannar Inter college annual concert

Study Hall School hosted an annual concert for the Vidyasthali unit on December 21, 2018, at Central Institute of Sub-tropical Horticulture.  The theme of the concert was “Goonj.”  Mr. Raj Bisariya, an Indian director, producer, actor, and educationalist, described by the Press Trust of India as “the father of the modern theatre in North India,” graced the occasion as chief guest.

The concert started with the welcoming the guest and speech by Anusha Sharma, principal Vidyasthali Kannar Intercollege.  The first performance was a soul-stirring skit “Aam ke aam, guthliyon ke dam,” in which kids shared about the extinct varieties of mango.  It continued with an English play “The Awful Eight” which aimed to become aware of different air pollutants and their causes and effects.  Students performed a delightful Sufi dance. Students act on the musical drama “Ambrosia-   Nectar of life,” which was about the how rivers are polluted these days and we should take some actions to maintain the cleanliness and flow of the river.

Dr. Urvashi Sahni, CEO and President Study hall Educational foundation, said, students worked so hard and presented some very serious social and environmental issues in a very light way.  She added education is not about how qualifies you are it’s about how much you have learned in life. On this occasion, Alumni Renu Yadav shared her journey and spoke about how she feels more empowered now.  She Thanked the school and study hall educational foundation and launched the Vidyasthali Alumni Association.  “Mai Savitri Bai Phule hoon,” a Hindi play was a treat to the eyes of the audience.   The program concluded with the Vote of thanks and national anthem. The concert was greatly enjoyed by the audience and it shows the hard work of teachers and students.

Prerna School Enthralls the Audience Yet Again!!!

Study Hall Educational Foundation’s Prerna School held its Annual Concert on 18 and 19 December 2018, at the Study Hall school in Gomti Nagar.  ‘Sanjha Sansar’ was the theme of the program.  Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia, Mayor of Lucknow graced the occasion as the chief guest.  The children of Classes Pre Nursery to 12 presented delightful performances, which truly enthralled the audience.  The programme started with the welcoming speech by the Principal Rakhi Panjwani and followed by the English song by the little girls.  The little ones of Pre-nursery performed a delightful dance on “Kaun hu mai.”  Prerna boys sung a beautiful song spreading the message of equality.  The children of bridge course displayed their dramatic skills in the play, ‘Ladki haath se nikal gayi”.  The students of Class nursery presented a Puppet Dance, which was highly appreciated.  Kathak by class 1 students stole the hearts of the audience.  The Prerna boys delighted the audience with the comic Play ‘Jigyasa’.  The young ones of class 2 were part of Dance ‘Rang lo” which was greatly enjoyed by everyone.

Addressing the audience chief guest, Sanyukta Bhatia said, “Girls are equal to boys and can do all the things a boy can do.”  She added we are living in community where boys still hesitate to do household chores, and this will be improved only if we make efforts.

The program was followed by Nritya Natika, ‘Nikal tu khud ki Khoj me’.  The various dance performances like the Inaugural dance, fusion dance, presentations by Classes 4, 7 and 8, the class 5 girls’ self-defense techniques, a skit by Prerna Boys, ‘Parivartan’  was highly loved and appreciated by the parents.

On this occasion, Dr. Urvashi Sahni President and CEO, Study hall educational foundation, congratulated students and appreciated the efforts and hard work of teachers and students.

The program concluded with a delightful dance performance and vote of thanks.

Annual Sports Day ‘Athletic Meet and P.T. Display – MICROLYMPICS’ of the Study Hall School

Study Hall school organized its Intra foundation sports day on December 9, 2018 at the Sahara ground, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. The budding Olympians were keen to showcase their fortitude and resolve at the various athletic events of their choice.

The Principal, Mrs. Shalini Sinha welcome and addressed to the comprising students, teachers, parents, and spectators extolled the virtues of competitive sports and games. The CEO of Study Hall Foundation, Dr. Urvashi Sahni, in her inspirational address, described how the spirit of the game is more important than the result achieved. Participation is the key. She appreciated the efforts that went into the planning and conduct of the micro Olympics.

The Micro- Olympics were inaugurated by Shri Mohsin Raza, Honorable Minister, UP Govt. and a former cricketer. On this occasion   the guest of honor was Dr. Rakesh Naik His presence was enough to motivate the students. The lighting of the Flame was followed by an impressive March Past and the oath taking by the Sports Captains.

The enthusiasm and spirit of competitiveness of the participants was applauded by liberal clapping of the students and spectators. The parent’s race drew the maximum applause.

In 4×100 meters girls relay Prerna Stood the first prize, Study hall won second prize and Vidyasthali grabbed the 3rd prize. In 4×100 meters boys Relay, Study hall stood 1stprize, Vidyasthali grabbed 2nd prize and Prerna managed to get 3rd prize.

Best Athlete among boys was Mrinal, Shubhanker and Sarthak. Among girls best athletes were Radhisha, Geetika, Shagun and Amita. Jacaranda house was overall champion and Cypress house was runner up at the sports day event.  The wild clapping during the Prize distribution indicated the support of the participants from their respective Houses.

After the Vote of Thanks by the Vice- Principal, Mrs. Meenakshi Bahadur, the Micro- Olympics concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

Prerna girls inspire Obamas, invited to speak at Chicago summit

Obama Foundation and the Global Girls Alliance joined hands with the Study Hall Educational Foundation Educational Foundation to make a short film on Laxmi Nishad who is an alumna of the Prerna Gilrs School. Kiran Sahu who is currently a student of the Prerna Girls School has played the role of Laxmi in the film shared earlier. Laxmi, Kiran, and Dr. Urvashi Sahni were invited to Chicago to speak at the Obama Foundation Summit. Here is a glimpse of them on stage.

The Obama Foundation Global Girls Alliance


DESIGN FOR CHANGE 2018 – Study hall Blue Brigade water saving project


Water usageIn flushingIn             (Litres). FOR EACH CISTERN FOR 1 CISTERN IN 1 DAY (assuming 10 flushes per day) FOR 43 CISTERNS 10 flushes each per day. WATER FLUSHED BY 43 CISTERNS (excluding Sundays/26 days) Percentage of water savedPer month
Before installingWater saving device.







After installing the water saving device.






Water saved(litres) PER CISTERN PER CISTERN A DAY(10 flushes per day) 43 cisterns (per day) 1 MONTH PER MONTH
  2 20 860 22,360 20 %


The table above shows the amount of water saved by our team   in one month

In this project we inserted bottles filled with pebbles and sand in the cisterns of our school. It uses the displacement method, by which less water is flushed, which is saving around 2O% of water usage.  Within three months only we saved approx. 67,080 litres of water.  By this method we are not only preventing water wastage but also reducing the water carbon footprint.