DESIGN FOR CHANGE 2018 – Study Hall Blue Brigade water saving project


Water usage in flushing     (Litres). FOR EACH CISTERN FOR 1 CISTERN IN 1 DAY (assuming 10 flushes per day) FOR 43 CISTERNS 10 flushes each per day. WATER FLUSHED BY 43 CISTERNS (excluding Sundays/26 days) Percentage of water saved per month
Before installing water saving device.







After installing the water saving device.






Water saved(liters) PER CISTERN PER CISTERNA DAY(10 flushes per day) 43 cisterns (per day) 1 MONTH PER MONTH
  2 20 860 22,360 20 %


The table above shows the amount of water saved by our team in one month

In this project, we inserted bottles filled with pebbles and sand in the cisterns of our school. It uses the displacement method, by which less water is flushed, which is saving around 2O percent of water usage. Within three months only we saved approximately 67,080 liters of water.  By this method, we are not only preventing water wastage but also reducing the water carbon footprint.

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