Digital Study Hall’s Moni Kannaujia wins Hindustan Times – Young Society Leader Award

Moni Kannaujia, who leads SHEF’s Content Development team has been chosen as the Young Society Leader at the HT Woman Awards 2018. We would like to thank all our supporters and Hindustan Times.

Ms. Moni Kannaujiya has championed the cause of girls’ education by producing over 1000 quality video lessons which are available free of cost on the internet. She has risen through the ranks and is currently leading Content Production at Study Hall Educational Foundation’s outreach unit. She comes from a low-income family but has beaten the odds to become a role model in her community. 

Since the age of 15, Moni has been working and paying for her education, and has now surpassed her parents to become the highest earner in the family. She graduated from Study Hall Educational Foundation’s Prerna Girls School in the year 2012, earned her Bachelor of Arts in 2015, and is now pursuing her Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication at Lucknow University.

A natural young leader, Moni currently supervises a team of over ten teacher experts and two video production associates. She and her team produce videos lessons on quality pedagogy for under resourced classrooms. They also record critical dialogues between students and teachers that are part of SHEF’s feminist curriculum; these videos are used to strengthen the Aarohini girls’ education and empowerment program in more than 700 government schools in the state, promoting a greater understanding of gender and patriarchy in these communities. Additionally, Moni manages a YouTube channel for these video lessons that has over 21,000 subscribers and 3 million views.

Moni was an integral part of a study for ‘Mapping Vulnerability of Adolescent Girls in Uttar Pradesh,’ commissioned by Unicef. She is also a Woman Power Angel, designated as civil police to fight and report crimes against women by the Uttar Pradesh state government.

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