Changing Trends from Graduate to an Employable Graduate

Over the past two decades the trends have been changing at very swift pace. From local area shopping to mall culture, from landline phone to smart phone, from playing galli cricket to play station and list goes on. Needs, preference, taste, technology and many other factors are responsible for these changes.
As the society needs are changing so is the eligibility to become employable is changing. Two decades before it was the trend of graduate with MBA from top B school and the new world of opportunities would open for an individual.
Now, the trend is changing firms are hiring the graduate with the professional degree provided he has command over his employable skill sets. Organizations are now looking for the professional as well as soft skills. These soft skills include the ability to communicate (oral/written), manage –team, time, career, clients (inside/outside organization), leadership, entrepreneurial and critical thinking and problem solving.
Communication is being preferred most because it is important for the person to express his ability and desire in the professional manner. This improves the workers productivity, efficiency and overall work environment in the organization.
An individual in the organization succeed more if he/she has the ability to work in a team rather than an individual performer. Fresh graduates are expected to manage time efficiently and effectively as well as interacting with inside and outside customers of the organization professionally.
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Leadership is the other skill set which organization look for. Whether the individual in any situation can lead or they are mere followers who just obey orders. Leading skills can be learnt and improved if worked upon regularly.
Entrepreneurship is the buzz word around these days. Flipkart, Ola, Paytm, Oyo rooms are the few start ups which has made the benchmark in the Indian economy. These organizations have proved themselves as the real trend setters by not only generating the new job opportunities but changing trends in shopping, travelling and staying. One of the traits of the entrepreneur is to ability thinking differently in the given situation and delivers the result.
Ability to think critically and analytical makes the individual to look at the situation from various aspects and be able to suggest optimum solutions for the situation.
As per the industry survey most of the Indian graduate students are professionally well qualified but they are lagging way behind in the soft skills which the core for becoming an “Employable Graduate”.

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