Stress Management

“Stress is a negative physical/emotional/nervous system response to feeling in some way overwhelmed. It is usually caused when the perceived demands placed upon us appear to outweigh our ability to cope”.

Stress doesn’t just affect our mental state and mood; it affects our physical health as well. When we are much stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released into our bloodstream, suppressing the functioning of our immune, digestive and reproductive systems.

Stress impacts our

Reasons for the stress during exams

  • Inadequate preparation- One of the most important factors that cause exam stress is lack of preparation and planning. It is generally observed that students start their preparation for exams as soon as they get their exam time table.
  • Parental expectations- Most parent’s want that their child should come out with flying colors in all the college exams. However, all students are not equally talented and this limits their ability to perform well in the exam.
  • Competition from peers- There is cut throat competition these days among students in colleges, when it comes to their academic performance. It builds up a lot of pressure that leads to stress especially in mediocre students as they associate it mostly with the fear of rejection.
  • Inability to handle academic pressure- Most students choose the course of study as per their grades, peer pressure and guidance given by elders. It is rare that this decision is based on the skills and abilities of a student. There are many cases where students choose a course work really hard but are unable to get good grades just because it’s not the right field for them as per their abilities and this leads to immense stress in students.
  • High aspirations- Keeping too high aspiration also leads to stress.

Managing Stress

  • Mental Alertness- Keeping your mental state healthy is the best way to cope the stress. This can be achieved by controlling your thoughts by not going into the negative thought process.Ensure proper sleep-Regular and proper sleep will not only relax the physical and mental body but will also help to recharge the body which in turn enhances to learn and understand the subject efficiently and effectively.
  • Adequate diet- Eating healthy and fibre rich natural food like fruits and vegetables enhances ones energy level and ensures good digestion.
  • Keep revision as practice- Prepare the subject and revise as much as possible, as “REVISION ENSURE DIVISION”.
  • Talk it outFeeling stressed talk with your parents, near-ones, teachers, friends, elder siblings and release it.
  • Breathing Exercise- Take deep breathe for ten minutes, this soothes and relaxes the body and mind immediately.
  • Physical Exercise- Doing exercise with head, neck, shoulders, hand and feet also help in relaxing.
  • Practice thought control- Check for the thoughts which causes stress. Then try to include normal thinking with stressful thought. In this way, you can interrupt the stressful thoughts while allowing a continuing flow of healthy thinking. Thought interruption is checking the thought and trying to stop at the basic level and then last is thought substitution i.e. replace the negative thought with the positive emotions.

                           “Perceive exams as beginning of the new journey and not the end”

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