The Prep School About

From Play Group to Upper Prep
The Prep School of Study Hall is a part of the primary system, yet organized as a relatively separate department with a Principal of its own. It offers a distinct & systematic source of education to children from the ages of two three to five. The classes held here are, Play Group, Nursery, Lower Prep and Upper Prep. In an atmosphere of freedom and happiness children are learning and growing into brighter and confident individuals, whereby, realizing their own worth & existence in this world. The children’s love for activity & manual pursuits is well understood and well recognized. Hence, the doctrine of learning through play prevails in the school. Storytelling, games, physical exercises and various activities like dance, drama, singing, etc. are abundantly practiced. Insistence is also placed on good social and personal habits. Activities revolve around an effort to encourage the children to gain first – hand acquaintance with their physical & social environment. The aim of the school is to lay the foundation of those branches of study which will be followed more systematically in the senior school.

We believe that children are unique, powerful, important persons, worthy of our respect. They have a right to enjoy their childhood, which is an important phase of their lives in itself. They deserve to be understood respectfully rather than treated simply as a preparation for adulthood.