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DOSTI Admissions

To be admitted to DOSTI, a child needs to appear for an assessment, pass an interview in addition to the parents attending a counselling session. Thereafter, the child may be placed in any one of the following streams:

1) Regular School Program –

This includes regular academics in a formal but friendly classroom environment, along with participation in Activity for Daily Living training (ADL).

2) Home-based Unit –

Parents are invited to the school to learn strategies for taking care of their special children through short-term programs conducted by specialists at DOSTI.

3) Early Intervention Program –

This service is aimed at children aged 0 - 3 years that have displayed delayed developmental milestones and helps facilitate language, communication and physical development in children.

4) Remedial Education Program –

Children with learning difficulties are further assisted through remedial teaching classes after school hours to decrease/control and address learning gaps.

Admission Procedure

  1. Buy forms from the Receptionist
  2. Fill in the forms
  3. Attachments required:
    a) Copy of birth certificate
    b) Copy of transfer certificate of previous school. (Not required if the child has not attended school earlier)
    c) Disability certificate of CMO (photocopy). If you don’t have one, kindly procure one.
    Kindly attach the relevant documents with the admission form.
  4. Get form signed by Dosti Coordinator and complete admission procedure in the school office.