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A Little Goes A Long Way, Story of Poonam Gautam

A Letter from Prerna

Reaching for the Sky: Empowering Girls Through Education

Khushboo is a walking example of how with the right kind of support (in her case Prerna Girls School) a strong willed girl can stand up to patriarchy and pave her own way. She completed her school education despite violent opposition from her father, who turned her out of his house because she insisted on continuing her education after 10 th grade. Her grandmother took her in, supported her and today she has finished her Bachelorís degree.

Laxmi, a young dalit girl born in Lucknow in 1992, lives in a one room house with her father and 4 siblings. They moved into this half constructed abandoned structure fifteen yearsago when her mother was still alive. She is the third child in her family, though the first one to survive. Her eldest brother was only fifteen months old when he drowned in a pond at the construction site where her mother was working.

This is an inspiring story of valour and persistence, and how a little bit of help at the right time can shape leaders like Poonam who is a 17-year-old student, teacher and an activist from Shankarpur village in Lucknow (India). Most of the girls remain undocumented and uncelebrated in India. As a result the time and date of their birth is often not known or cannot be recalled. Poonam remembers that she had to look for her date of birth in her fatherís diary.

A first sight Zubaida comes across as a sweet, hardworking and honest girl who has never seen the ills of life but when you get to know her better your respect for her increases manyfolds.

Pursuing MA from IGNOU and working as a teacher at Tree House School. She also works as manages a center for out of school children run by the Digital Study Hall. In total she is currently more than Rs 1,00,000 per annum.

Happy married to the same boy she was suppose to marry when she was a minor and also as has a son. She is currently pursuing BA from IGNOU and also works a tailor from home.

Nidhi was about to appear for her class 10th exams when her elder sister - who was engaged and was about to get married - eloped with her paramour. Fearing public defamation, Nidhiís parents decided to marry her to the to be groom of her elder sister. She happily agreed as she did not want her parents to feel bad and invitations cards were also printed.

Karishma is a 15 year old girl studying in class X at KGBV Myuan. She lost her father when she was a young girl. Her grandparents pressured her mother into arranging a marriage for Karishma. When she was told of the plan, Karishma objected and informed her mother that she wanted to continue her education. Her pleas were ignored, and a mar0riage was being planned.

Rinki Pal is a former Mona Scholar and student of KGBV Mirzapur. She left the KGBV to complete her class X at Ashirwad Inter College, Mirzapur in 2016. She was among the top science students in her class. Her dream is to study science further, with the eventual hopes of going to medical school and becoming a doctor.