Study Hall Annual Inter House Cultural Fest 2016

Study Hall school had organized its Annual Inter House Cultural Festival on 29th and 30th July 2016 in Study Hall School, Vipul Khand, Gomtinagar. The two day high spirited fest had activities ranging from event management to yoga and elomime. In most of the events an overwhelming response was received by the students as well as the teachers. The team spirit of students from class 6 till class 12th was the main attraction of the festival. The house trophy was won by Silver Oak house while Jacranda, Fireflame, and Cypress got the 2nd,3rd and 4th positions respectively.Dr. Urvashi sahni congratulated everyone for their efforts. The entire event was coordinated by the team of students and teachers led by the Principal Shalini Sinha and Vice Principal Meenakshi Bahadur.

The first day of the event witnessed  lots of joy and enthusiasm and all of it continued on the second day as well. Even rain could not stop the students from participating with full energy and take the best out of the moment. The second day consisted of mainly three events which were Indian music (group and solo), Just-A-Minute and Junior dance.
Indian Music was held  for classes 6-12 and was judged by Mrs Shalini Chandra, Mr Biju and Mr Saurabh. All the students sang folk songs beautifully in their ever so melodious voices. Jacaranda sung a Marwadi song, Silver Oak chose a Begali song, Fireflame went for a Rajasthani song while Jacaranda sung an Awadhi song. All the students were dressed up beautifully in Indian attires and left no milestone unturned to give their bests in their performances. In Indian music solo, Aman from Silveṛ Oak sung a lovely classical song while Arnav Ratan from Fireflame went for the Bollywood song “jee loon zara”. Sukriti Mohan from Jacaranda sung “Mohe rang do laal” while Anjali Abdi from Cypress sang “Saawre”. The Indian music overall was a hit event.The next was JAM or Just A Minute which went on really well. It was judged by Mrs Ritika, Mrs Shalini Sinha and Mrs Bani Malhotra. For the junior dance, the theme was Fairy tales. Fireflame performed beautifully and involved a lot of lifts in their dance. Cypress performed a mix of several fairy tales with full on energy. Jacaranda had it’s graceful dancers dancing the story of beauty and the beast while Silver Oak showcased a modern version of Snow white and sleeping beauty highlighting women empowerment.The four houses secured several individual meritorious positions in all the events.

Media Coverage : Amar Ujala, My City, Lucknow Edition 30th July 2016

 Media Coverage : HT, My City, Lucknow Edition 30th July 2016

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