The Nursery Teacher Vocational Training Programme

The Nursery and Primary Teacher Vocational Training Programme  opens opportunities to be  an early childhood educator in Pre-Primary and Primary  schools. It is ideally suited for those who aspire to be teachers and are willing to do something meaningful and creative. The course aims to enable trainees with little or no experience, to gain insight into the characteristics of young learner. The trainees are prepared to manage and combat various situations that arise when moulding and shaping the young minds in the school environment.


The objective is to develop efficient and energetic teachers and through them provide fun-filled education to children. Apart from instructional sessions, workshops and seminars, various activities and stimulations help the trainees learn to prepare their own teaching materials and use the existing ones effectively. Trainees eventually have intrinsic motivation to use the strategies to teach young learners through drama, music, experiments, first hand experiences amongst other techniques of teaching learning.


We aim to go beyond the boundaries of “School Learning”. There is an integration of “Theory with Practical” and “Practice Teaching” throughout the course. The programme provides a practical based learning approach through a regular course.

Trainees mostly learn by working in the classroom. Lectures and theoretic aspects are minimal and practical and hands-on experiences are maximum during the coursework.


There are two kinds of courses offered

  • Course A- A regular full time course in The Prep School Campus ,covering experience in classes Nursery to V
  • Course B- Correspondence course for working professionals, covering Pre Primary classes.

Course A

Nursery and Primary Teacher Training Course

The coursework duration is of one academic session spread over two semesters.

  • Semester 1 – Mid April to Mid September
  • Semester 2 – Mid September to Mid March


  • Educational Psychology: Knowing Young Learners
  • Early Childhood Education: Principles and Approaches
  • Instructional Strategies and Resource Management


  • Classroom Management and Evaluation Techniques
  • Teaching Language (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening)
  • Child Health and Nutrition

For each paper, the course material considered essential is provided in the form of books , handouts, photocopies of relevant  topics, worksheets, periodicals etc. The coursework is based on the philosophy and methods of Dr Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Friedrich Froebel, Howard Gardner and other great educators.

From time to time experts will be invited for guidance and improved learning in the area of Early Childhood Learning, Child Development, Child Psychology, Child Nutrition etch. In addition, resource persons for Puppetry, Art and Craft, Music and Movement would be invited as well.

Practical are conducted in the classrooms. Student teachers start going to the classrooms from Day one. They spend at least 3 hours every day in a classroom mentored by a master teacher. During the training they get an opportunity to cover all the classes from Nursery to class V in The Prep School and the Junior School. The practical aspect empowers them as they get ample opportunity to observe and understand the young learners with theory classes.

Practice teaching in Study Hall, The Prep School and Prerna Schools towards the end of the training further empowers the teachers.


Assignments will be based on oral work, practical learning, projects, presentations, group discussions , seminars and workshops. Trainees will maintain a portfolio of work done during the nine month period of training in form of anecdotal evidence, photographs, lesson plans, teaching materials etch. Trainees will be researchers who will see theory, research and practice as dynamically interrelated and also as independent entities. Action research and case study are integral part of the training.


Trainee are assessed on, ongoing intervals by third party evaluators, through peer   and  self  checking techniques. Written assessments will be conducted at regular intervals. Trainees will get diagnostic reports showing areas of strength and those that require more clarity and understanding from time to time.


Any person who has completed 10 + 2 and is passionate about teaching children can apply.

Course B

Nursery Teacher Training – Upgrading Skills

Certification in Skills Up gradation for working professionals

Course B is a six month correspondence course designed for working professionals .This short term course is for Pre Primary Teachers to learn about the best practices of The Prep School curriculum. There are six theory papers, which the trainees have to study at home. Six assignments have to be done at home, related to the six theory papers. Weekly contact programme is conducted on every Saturday.

Summer Training   of 10 days will be held  in The Prep School  which will include workshops in Art and Craft, Storytelling, Rhymes and Songs , Show and Tell  and other activities .


Trainees will also do practice teaching for a week each in Prerna schools, boys and girls both. They will also get a chance to observe and learn from the Prep School Teachers.


Trainee are assessed on, ongoing intervals on assignments, workshop activities, file and portfolio documentation. Written assessments is conducted towards the completion of course.


Any person who is working in a Pre School and has completed 10 + 2 can apply.


  • The trainees get a deeper insight and get to learn about young learner’s at school.
  • In depth understanding of growth and development of students in formative years.
  • Learn more about natural curiosity of learners.
  • Trainees inculcate san ability to solve, think, create and decide for themselves.
  • Working teachers can update their knowledge and skills.

With this certification a person can comfortably teach Pre-Primary and Primary children. The teaching methodologies experienced by a trainee are at par   with several educational organizations of repute. It is of a major value addition in terms of knowledge and experience.


At the end of the successful completion of the training, a certificate will be provided by

Study Hall Education Foundation (Vocational Training Programme) 

Contact details- Prep School, A4/89 Vishal Khand Gomti, Lko. Call 9935012427, 9559767707



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