India’s Daughter Campaign- Awareness march taken out against child marriage at Vidyasthali

On 19th April 2019 Vidyasthali Kannar Inter College, Malihabad organised awareness march regarding child marriage and promoting girls education.This march was carried out in two villages, Narsing khera and Aatha. This march was a part India’s Daughter Campaign organised yearly by Study Hall Educational Foundation. This Campaign aims to raise awareness regarding girl’s rights and education.

More than 170 members participated in this and reached out to more than 500 community members. The students used slogans like “Bal Vivah Gulami Hai, Yeh Gulami Hume Rukwani Hai”, “Nari Ka Karo Sammaan, Tabhi Banega Desh Mahaan”. The students performed a ‘nukkad Natak’ to explain why child marriage should be forbidden. The students interacted with the community members and asked them take a pledge and say no to child marriage. They also took signatures of the community members.

India’s Daughters Campaign Rally

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