4th convocation of Nursery and Primary Teacher Training held

The 4th convocation of Nursery and Primary Teacher Training was held in the Prep School, Study Hall, on March 25, 2019. The families of graduating trainees were in full attendance, elated and proud.
Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF) runs a teacher training program. Over 50 women have found new avenues and life-changing opportunities through the platform. 16 trainees who have undergone training under different programmes during the year were awarded certificates by Dr. Urvashi Sahni, Founder, and CEO, SHEF. The trainees shared their experience, as how their life has undergone a major transformation, making them self aware and independent. Ruchi, a student of NTT program said, “I came here as a mother to get my son’s admission, and became a student. This program boosted my confidence and has given new meaning to my life.” Shikha, another student said, “This program gave me a free space to learn and grow. I rediscovered myself through this program.”
Our founder Dr. Urvashi Sahni congratulated the students and said, “Our teacher training is atypical. They are personal transformation programs. Teachers learn who they are and that’s our biggest achievement.”
Ms. Shashi Mehta, principal of Prep School blessed the outgoing teachers, with a message of spreading quality education far and wide. Ms. Priya Kakkar, Director thanked the gathering for their presence.


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