DOSTI children visit NBRI

The DOSTI children were invited by NBRI to visit the new Braille garden on February 28, 2017. The children had a great time and came back enriched with knowledge about the different types of plants and flowers

The term end party was organised in school for the children on March 4, 2017. Children came in coloured dress and enjoyed playing musical chair. They also danced on the tunes of some latest songs. A treat of cakes and tang from school was also thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Excellent performances make DOSTI concert a special one

DOSTI (a department of the Study Hall School for Special Children) organized its annual concert – Jhilmil – on at the Study Hall School on Friday. Anoop Kr. Yadav (I.A.S) Director, Viklaang Kalyan Vibhaag, UP was the chief guest on the occasion.

After looking at the performances Mr Yadav said that he was very impressed by theefforts of the special children and encouraged them to put more such shows.

Dr Urvashi Sahni also added a word of encouragement saying that such performances help the children come out of their shell and develop their personality.

Surabhi Kapoor, the principal of DOSTI added that the teachers and students had worked very hard to put together this show and after watching the performances it seems their has paid off.

The English play, “Guest is God” was a light hearted comedy about the preferential treatment given to visitors in Indian homes, especially V.V.I.P’s like the son-in-law, whose unintentional bumbling and goof-ups turn out to his benefit and earn him the respect of all his ‘sasuralees.’ Bhola and the trio of thieves were a laugh riot.

A musical dance-drama, ‘Sooraj ki saatvi beti’ portrayed special children dancing, singing and making merry as fairies visiting our land on a special trip and how the one little fairy left behind makes the best of her life, overcoming hurdles and a wily King’s plots to end on a happy note

Both English & Hindi plays were interspersed with songs, dances and instrumental performances (orchestra)  ensuring a fun-filled and lively variety entertainment program for the audience who joined in for the last performance “Ummedon wali aasha” waving hands and singing along to boost the spirits of the Dosti children.

Study Hall Carnival a big hit

Much fanfare marked the Study Hall Carnival 2016 held here in Saturday.
Fun and games made sure the kids had a good time and kept playing till the carnival drew to a close.
Games like Long Flight, Just Ring It, Stick and blow were great Hits among those visiting the school on a sunny afternoon. Ratio making, plane flying and the Didi’s food stalls attracted the most crowd.
More than 2500 students and parents alike participated in the Carnival.
Students and parents from Study Hall School, Prerna Girls School and Prerna Boys School participated in the event.

DOSTI celebrates Children’s Day

A picnic was organised for the DOSTI children on account of Children’s Day celebrations on November 15, 2016 at Janeshwar Mishra Park during the school hours. Children enjoyed the picnic thoroughly and participated in many fun games organized for them, like, the Lemon race, Frog Jump and Passing the Parcel. They enjoyed playing on the swings and their treat of snacks.

DOSTI children bag medals at state level special olympics

DOSTI students participated in ‘Hausla’ – state level special olympic games held at K.D. Singh Babu Stadium on November 13-14, 2016. The children participated in various athletic events and won many medals. A handicrafts and packaged snacks stall was also put up by the vocational section of DOSTI to promote awareness about crafting and cooking skills of the children.

Medals won by DOSTI students
Rohan Srivastava Standing Long Jump Silver
Jay sahu Shot Put Bronze
Shrey Pandey Shot Put Bronze
Praharsh Mehrotra Soft Ball Throw Gold
Praharsh Mehrotra 100m Walk Bronze
Siddhesh Tiwari 100m Run Bronze
Vivek Pal 50m Walk Bronze
Tanu Gupta 100m Run Silver

Media coverage in Hindi Hindustan daily on November 15, 2016.


DOSTI children swim to success

DOSTI children mesmerised everyone with their skills during the swimming competition held on 15th September, 2016 at the school. They participated in various events like freestyle, pick and come, floating with floaters etc and won medals. The presence of parents was especially encouraging for the DOSTI children as it also motivated them to perform better.

Praharsh won gold in freestyle (25mts) while Zaira won gold in Pick and Come.