Kho-Kho competition held at Vidyasthali

Vidyasthali Kanar High School organised the annual Kho-Kho Competition 2016-17 on October 14, 2016, under the aegis on Madhyamik Siksha Parishad Uttar Pradesh.

Teams from Hardoi, Lakhimpur, Rai Bareli and Lucknow participated in the event. The team from Rai Bareli bagged the winner’s medal after beating Lucknow in the final team. Four students from Vidyasthali – Vijay Yadav, Jajal Yadav and Aditiya Tripathi and Prabhat Tripathi were selected for the Lucknow team. Sports secretary Ved Prakash distributed the prize to players.

​Happy Colours of Freedom – 2016

​Happy Colours of Freedom – 2016 

Study Hall School Campus was ablaze with happy colours of freedom and spirited with spectacular festivity as the Study Hall Educational Foundation family celebrated 70th Independence Day, 15 th August 2016.
Students and Staff from Study Hall School, Prerna Girls School, Dosti School, Centre for Learning and NIOS school, Vidhyasthali school, Digital Study Hall and DIDI’s – A unit of sister’s in Solidarity participated with full zeal and excitement made the celebration grand. All the hearts were filled with pride, respect and the feeling of patriotism.
The flag was hoisted by, Dr.Urvashi Sahni. And seeds of the thought – “Are we really free”, were etched in everyone’s mind.
All the creative minds were at work showcasing their talents in different fields. Students from junior section set up a Maths Mela where they demanded freedom from fear of Maths, whereas the students from Senior section celebrated the freedom of thoughts and expression by taking part in Advertisement Competition. Students from Non Formal Education centres painted their thoughts through flowers and little paper flags while the enthusiastic ones from Dosti danced with dynamism on patriotic songs.
All the teachers, too were dressed up in beautiful tri-coloured attires. Study Hall Educational Foundation celebrated this Independence Day in a different Style spreading Happy Colours of Freedom in everybody’s lives.

2016 Intermediate and High School Results for Vidyasthali Kanar High School

Classs XIIth Marks Detail 2016

S.No Subject  Over all %age  Highest  Marks in Subject  Student’s  Name 
1 Hindi 62.74 75 Shreya Singh
2 English 68.83 78 Abhishek , Pragya
3 Maths 62.85 86 Rajvendra Singh Sonwani
4 Bio 80.43 88 Pragya Dwivedi
5 Physics 62.75 73 Rajvendra Singh Sonwani
6 Chemistry 73 88 Raman Tripathi
7 History 64.33 68 Manisha Sharma
8 Civics 67 75 Manisha Sharma
9 Sociology 74 75 Manisha Sharma , Astha Gupta

Class Xth Marks  Detail  2016

S.No. Subject  Over all %age  Highest  Marks in Subject  Students Name 
1 Hindi 69.22 92 Shambhavi Singh
2 English 80.86 91 Divyanshu Dwivedi
3 Maths 61.03 85 Shambhavi Singh
4 Science 66.33 87 Shambhavi Singh
5 S.ST 78.72 88 Shambhavi Singh
6 Computer 74.61 97 Shashi Kalpna

Congratulations and Best Wishes to all dear Students.
Mr.Deepak Tripathi, Principal Vidyasthali Kanar High School

Around the Campus March 2016


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Around the campus November 2015


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Veerangana Rally 2015

Led by the Veeranganas of Prerna Girls School, teachers and students of the Study Hall School, Vidyasthali Kanar High School, Study Hall Centre for Learning, Digital Study Hall and Gyansetu Non Formal Education Centres came together for an awareness campaign against street violence and to promote girls’ education.They were joined by teams from all the eight Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalayas of Lucknow district. They assembled in Study Hall School on Sunday, November 9th, 2015  and then they were divided into three groups, each more than 200 strong. Raising slogans, carrying banners and placards and singing songs with gusto, they marched in the lanes and by lanes of Ujariyaon, Digdiga and Gwari villages. People climbed on rooftops and thronged the open spaces to see the street plays that were repeated many times.The Veers, the boys from Prerna boys felt proud to carry the message along with the Veeranganas. More than 2000 persons signed the pledge to stop and resist street violence. The campaign touched almost 40,000 people with the message STOP AND RESIST STREET AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.