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DOSTI Rules & Regulations


1). Every student will regularly and punctually attend school. Late-comers will not be allowed to attend classes without the written permission of the Principal.
2). For absence due to unavoidable reasons, students will submit written application duly signed by their parents. In case of illness,
     medical certificate given by a registered doctor will be attached.
3). Leave applications must be submitted within three days of absence.
4). Outings should be planned during summer and winter vacations and not in between.
5). Regular attendance is compulsory. (Minimum 80%)

Parental Co-operation:

1). Parents are requested to pay school fees in time.
2). They are requested to provide uniform, books and stationary as prescribed by the school, to their wards.
3). All information about address, transport and phone numbers to be given to the teachers and any changes should be notified immediately.
4). They will ensure that their wards regularly and punctually come to school in the prescribed uniform.
5). If due to unavoidable reasons, their wards cannot attend school, they must send leave letters within three days. However they are requested not to send sick student to      school.
6). They are requested to send napkins and a tablemat with the tiffin and an extra set of clothes in their wards school bag.
7). Diaries should be checked daily and signed. The child should never attend school without a diary.
8). They are requested not to send their children wearing gold ornaments or carrying mobile phones, expensive watches, etc., or cash to school.
9). No visits to the classrooms will be allowed without the coordinators' permission.
10). Books should be covered with brown paper and neatly labeled.
11). Cleanliness and hygiene to be maintained and bags should be packed according to the timetable.
12). Calls should be made to the coordinator during the working hours only i.e. between 9:30am-1:30pm in the afternoon.
13). Keep in touch through to the diary. Meet only by appointment. Calls should not be made to the teachers at odd hours, or for trivial matters.
14). Parents are requested not to pester teachers for private tuition since that is strictly forbidden. They are requested not to give gifts to teachers on Teachers' Day or on any      occasion.