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DOSTI Campus

The DOSTI campus is situated in the Junior section of Study Hall School, Vipul Khand II, Gomti Nagar with an aim to facilitate integration with mainstream students, who willingly and enthusiastically work and play along with our children. Dosti is well equipped with first aid facilities in a two bed dispensary. In addition, we have special equipments to encourage sports, music and art activities. Our fully equipped computer labs allow for adequate exposure to the world of electronic data processing and communications. We have taken special care to ensure ramps and other required facilities in the buildings for differently abled students too.

  1. Nine children have been integrated in the mainstream.

  2. All children with varying degrees of disabilities have been educated to a certain level and have been trained in social skills and behavior to exhibit appropriate social behavior and practice ways to live independently.

  3. Six students have passed their class 12 NIOS board examinations.

  4. DOSTI participants have won six gold, seven silver and 10 Bronze medals in national events since 2005.

  5. Drama based education is also a part of the students’ curriculum coupled with singing and music in English and Hindi besides dancing. DOSTI organizes different cultural meets in-house and encourages children to participate in all such activities happening in the city for which they qualify. DOSTI had its first Independent Annual Concert in 2006, which was a kaleidoscope of dance song and drama in both languages Hindi and English followed with full fledged concerts annually. Dance, drama and singing is an ongoing process whether it be in a concert, or Balmanch or Yuva Manch for students to showcase their drama and cultural skills.

  6. DOSTI participants won One Gold, One Silver and one Bronze medal at the International Special Olympics in 2013.

  7. Eight DOSTI students successfully received vocational training according to their abilities.

    One of these eight students, Madhurima is currently pursuing her Visharad in music after passing her class 12 NIOS board exam. She recently performed in a concert along with Sonam Kalra, the internationally renowned Sufi Gospel Project singer and earned accolades for her effort. Another student is presently pursuing her B.A. from Kanpur University, while another is helping his father run the family restaurant.

  8. A three-member team comprising a chaperone, a special child and a Study Hall student represented India in 2009 as a part of a Global Youth Messenger program in Boise, Idaho, U.S.A as part of a campaign against the use of the ‘R’ word (Retarded) when referring to children with special abilities.

  9. Students from DOSTI, Study Hall school won awards at the Innerscape competition held at an international level in the year 2012 and 2013, organized by the City Montessori School, Lucknow.

  10. Sahil Singh from DOSTI received an all rounder student award from the UP Govt. on World Disability Day and was also felicitated by the LMA association with the Young Achiever’s Award 2014 in a public ceremony to celebrate his endeavors.

  11. The UP State Government felicitated DOSTI on World Disabled Day 3rd December, 2015 with an award for “Exemplary Work in the Field of Disability.”